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Pakistan International Container Terminal (PICT)
  Total Area is 210,000 square meters at the terminal. Additional area of 50,000 meters is available at
  adjacent storage yards in KPT area.
  Ground Slots: 3,910 TEU
  Container Storage capacity is 19,500 TEU per day.
  Item   Description
  Total quay cranes   (06) Six
  Mobile cranes   (02) Two
  Top Lifters   (02) Two
  Reach stackers   (21) Twenty One
  Forklifts   (10) Ten
  Empty handlers   (10) Ten
  Trucks   (70) Seventy
  Stackable slots (Teus)   15,000 teus
  Ground slots (Teus)   3,000 tues

Channel: KPT can handle berthing of vessels up to 11.0 m at high tide.

Alongside Berth: Draft available for berthing at 10.5 m.